S&S 145″ Engine with “Radius” covers “96-148”

The ultimate performance engine with Ness styling for your custom motorcycle. Engine has been dyno proven by S&S Cycle to produce 185 horsepower and 180 ft. lbs. of torque and features: S&S SA Evolution crankcases, S&S .640″ Evo style cams, S&S Big Fin B2 cylinder heads, Super D carburetor, and Ness-Tech® “Radius” or “Rad II” chrome rocker boxes. On premium polished engines all components are either 100% polished or chromed. Standard polished engines are not polished in between the fin areas. These engines feature S&S electric compression releases for easy starting. All engines are completely assembled and ready to install. Our Y2K Softail™ frames accepts 145″ engines with repositioning of the gas tank mounts. Y2K Dyna frame may be special ordered to accept the 145″ engine. Note: These 145″ engines require a custom frame that is 2″ taller than stock. “Rad II” equipped engines will require 2″ or more stretched frames. Custom exhaust system must be fabricated.